Wondering How to Tell if a Man Loves You? Here Some Telltale Signs

Wondering How to Tell if a Man Loves You? Here Some Telltale Signs

Being in love may be wonderful, but it is not always easy to tell the difference between infatuation and the real thing. As a result, most women spend a lot of time researching topics such as “how to tell if a man loves you“. Many also stress out trying to convince themselves that a misbehaving man loves them or doubting that a good man’s feelings are legitimate. Fortunately, any girl who is willing to ask herself a few hard questions can get a pretty good idea of whether or not she’s on the right path.

Is He Trusting and Accepting?

Men who are in love accept their partners’ as is and want to open up to them. They trust them with their feelings. Men also trust that the women they love are not going to betray them. They see their women as good people. That is not to say that jealousy never happens in a healthy relationship. Anyone who is in love will be insecure at one time or another. However, stable, caring men do not analyze women’s every move, constantly check on their whereabouts or stalk them. They also accept their partners for exactly who they are and appreciate their special qualities.

Is He Affectionate and Protective?

We’ve all seen those telltale photos of supposedly happy couples who are standing next to each other, almost at attention, without so much as sleeves touching. In reality men who are in love automatically adopt affectionate and protective behaviors. It is instinctive. They openly show their feelings through the little things, like holding hands or offering a reassuring hug. These are not the same as physical intimacy, which often has little to do with affection. If he cares he will also be very protective. He is offended if anyone hurts his partner and he wants her to be secure in every situation. He just naturally sees himself as a supportive partner.

It can sometimes be difficult for women to tell if their love interests are also in love with them; but there are some signs that provide clues. Men in love are open, trusting and like their partners just the way they are. They instinctively make caring suggestions, like holding hands, and are quick to protect and defend their women.

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