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Tips for Filming in Schools

Tips for Filming in Schools

You may find that choosing a career field or hobby in Chicago video recording and editing can lead you to all sorts of places. Being diverse is always a great trait for a videographer to have. If you find yourself in a project that involves filming at a school, you may find these 5 tips very handy:

  1. Define what your role is: Ask yourself what type of video will be shot. Will you be recording a game, play, concert, public announcement, principal message or something else educational? Knowing this will help you to categorize the project in order to know your involvement in the shooting and editing of the video. For instance, if you’ll be shooting for fun or profit, you and your crew will likely be doing the editing yourself. On the other hand, if you will be shooting an informational video, you and your crew will have to share the operation of the equipment with faculty and students.
  2. Come Prepared: This is a no brainer, but it must be said. Figure out the scope of the Chicago video shoot to determine what materials and equipment you’ll need to bring along. If you will be filming children other than your own, you will need to have legal matters covered. Permission releases must be signed in advance. Also, while you’re filming, label the tapes or media files as you go along – I find it to be most beneficial to label them by date and in the order they were recorded. So the second media file that was recorded in April would be 0204-Apr.
  3. Meet with Proper Authorities: Before you begin shooting on campus, it is a good idea to go to the head of the class (this is the case if you will be shooting videos at the school occasionally). So the principal’s office should be your first stop. Now is the time to establish how you will gain access to school activities that you will be recording. You can also attend PTA and APT meetings to make yourself known. Try to avoid being with any one child alone.
  4. Answer the 5 W’s: Being a videographer, it is important for you to always know the five Ws – who, what, when, where and why for the production you will be involved in. Who will you be filming at the school and what type of video will it be? The video could be a compilation of sports highlights or a science demonstration. When and where will the video shots be taking place? Knowing when will allow you to know whether to edit the video in chronological order or by event. Sometimes asking where isn’t so simple. Some videos may take place off school campus, such as within a museum or other location associated with a field trip.
  5. Take legal precautions: As mentioned before, it is important that you protect yourself from potential law suits. Dealing with children can be tricky and anything could happen. To play it safe, make sure that all forms and releases are signed prior to shooting and never be alone with any one child. Stay in groups and keep faculty or parent nearby.

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The Revenant: A Favorite at the Oscars

The Revenant: A Favorite at the Oscars

The 88th Academy Awards are going to be held soon and everyone is really excited about it. After all, the Oscars is the mother of all awards and every artist would want to win one at least. Also, it is generally said that the ones who win at other award shows like the BAFTA, SAG, Golden Globes, etc. are favorites to take home an Oscar too. Well, but you never know when the jury of the Academy Awards throws in a surprise.

If they do manage to shock us with their winners, then no one will be as disappointed as Leonardo DiCaprio. Yes, the actor has taken home the Best Actor award at almost every award function this year, and will be heartbroken if he misses out on an Oscar. The film for which Leo won is The Revenant. His performance was highly appreciated and once the movie was out everyone claimed that the actor would win a lot of awards for it. In fact, when the trailer released, a lot of jokes were made on how Leo has even been mauled a bear and now he truly deserves an Oscar. This is because he plays the role of American explorer, Hugh Glass. The man is left to die after he is attacked by a bear as his team no longer wants to look after him. The rest of the movie is based on the struggles he faces in order to survive in the wild.

Besides Leo, the movie stars Tom Hardy, Domhnall Gleeson, and Will Poulter. While Tom Hardy’s last big film was Mad Max: Fury Road, Domhnall Gleeson featured in Ex Machina and Brooklyn. Will Poulter is best known for his role in the Maze Runner films. Besides the stellar star cast, the other selling point of this Oscar-nominated movie is the director. Alejandro González Iñárritu has helmed this project and the director has given us movies like Birdman, Babel, 21 Grams and Babel. In fact, Alejandro won an Oscar for Birdman.

Talking about the Oscar nominations, The Revenant has bagged more than just the Best Actor one. The movie is nominated for Best Film and Alejandro González Iñárritu stands another chance to win another Oscar for the Best Director. Apart from these, the film also has several other nominations. So, you can also expect Tom Hardy to pick up an Award for the movie. While fans wouldn’t mind if the movie didn’t win big, they would be highly disappointed if Leo misses out. The actor has given remarkable performances in the past but has never managed to win one.

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Top 10 Highest-Grossing Hollywood Films

Top 10 Highest-Grossing Hollywood Films

Hollywood movies are being watched by a lot of people not only in the United States of America, but in the entire world as well. Aside from the magnificent advanced effects incorporated in the films, the storyline is also one thing that movie lovers worldwide get excited about. In this regard, here are the newest and updated top 10 highest-grossing Hollywood films that you should know:

1. Avatar – This is an epic science fiction film under the direction of James Cameron. Cameron is also the brilliant writer of this highest-grossing movie. Its release date can be dated back in the year 2009. Such great movie was starred by Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Giovanni Ribisi, Joel David Moore, Michelle Rodriguez, and Stephen Lang. The total worldwide gross of Avatar is $2,787,965,087.

2. Titanic – This Hollywood movie was released in the year 1997, but there were still a lot of people who can’t get over with the tragic story of this film. It’s an epic romantic disaster Hollywood film mainly starred by Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s another brilliant movie masterpiece of James Cameron. Its worldwide gross reached as much as $2,186,772,302.

3. Star Wars: The Force Awakens – It’s also known as Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. This epic space opera Hollywood movie was released in 2015, and some theaters worldwide are still showing it. It’s under the brilliant direction of J.J. Abrams. Some of the Hollywood stars in this movie were Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Adam Driver. Its worldwide gross is now around $2,008,361,469.

4. Jurassic World – It’s another 2015 Hollywood film that’s included in the top 10 highest-grossing Hollywood films. It’s an adventure science fiction movie, and the Jurassic Park series’ 4th installment. Directed by Colin Trevorrow, such film was mainly starred by Chris Patt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Vincent D’Onofrio, Ty Simpkins, and Nick Robinson. Its worldwide gross is $1,670,400,637.

5. The Avengers – Starring in this 2012 superhero Hollywood film were Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlet Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Tom Hiddleston, Clark Gregg, Cobie Smulders, Stellan Skarsgard, and Samuel Jackson. Joss Whedon was the brilliant director of this film. Its worldwide gross reached up to $1,519,557,910.

6. Furious 7 – Alternatively called Fast & Furious 7, this 2015 action film was under the direction of James Wan. It’s actually the Fast and the Furious series’ 7th installment. The main stars in this high-grossing Hollywood movie were Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, and Jason Statham. Its worldwide gross is $1,516,045,911.

7. Avengers: Age of Ultron – This was actually the sequel of the 2012 superhero Hollywood movie, The Avengers. The Avengers team in this movie fought the artificial intelligence villain who was Ultron. The villain himself was obsessed in causing human extinction, and the superheroes were trying to stop him. Its worldwide gross is $1,405,413,868.

8. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 2) – This high-grossing Hollywood film was the second part of the movie titled Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. David Yates was the excellent director of this movie, which was based on the novel written by J.K. Rowling. Its worldwide gross reached up to $1,341,511,219.

9. Frozen – This computer-animated musical fantasy Hollywood film was released in the year 2013 by Walt Disney Pictures. The inspiration of making such movie was the fairy tale titled The Snow Queen, written by Hans Christian Andersen. Its worldwide gross is $1,279,852,693.

10. Iron Man 3 – This was another superhero Hollywood movie released in the year 2013. It was directed by Shane Black, and starred by Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, and Guy Pearce. Its worldwide gross reached up to $1,215,439,994.

These are the top 10 highest-grossing Hollywood films ever recorded. These films are definitely worth-watching for.

Carlotta Montanari is an actress and VO artist. Personality full of life and passion. Carlotta Montanari have worked on different projects including audio books for children such as Early Lingo, commercials, video games, animation and book’s narrations for the well known Random House.

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Enjoying Movies Through The Best Service

Enjoying Movies Through The Best Service

The Internet has had a huge impact on the way audiences are able to watch their favorite films. Services that allow users to stream content to their computer or mobile device make it easier to find just the right film or show. Services that are available to use free of charge can provide you with the entertainment option you have been seeking without requiring you to pay to watch the latest movies and your favorite television shows.

Internet based services can differ considerably in terms of what they can provide for their audiences. Options that require users to open an account and provide personal details and information may not be the best resource. Choosing a service that allows you to begin watching content more quickly and easily could prove far more convenient.

Paying for movies and maintaining accounts that require monthly subscription costs is often more expensive than many users might realize. While such fees and costs are typically low, they can quickly add up. Services that can be utilized without having to pay offer a budget friendly alternative for those who love films and television shows.

Not every service or content provider is able to offer audiences the selection they may be looking for. Whether you are attempting to find specific movies or prefer to make use of services that have more variety, content and options to offer, choosing the right site can make a difference. Service options that may only have a limited number of titles to stream may find you unable to enjoy the types of movies you most want to watch.

Mobile devices provide the perfect way to enjoy movies in a wide variety of environments and situations. From curing up on the couch to staying entertained on long trips, being able to stream movies right to your tablet or phone may be easier than you might have imagined. Dealing with the right content provider or service makes it far easier to watch your favorite movies on a variety of devices.

Dealing with content providers that fail to provide a wider selection of titles can become very aggravating. Accounts that involve costs and fees may end up placing strain on your budget and financial resources. Only the best online movie streaming services can provide you with a quick and easy way to enjoy a wide range of titles from your computer or mobile device without having to pay any costs at all.

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Sitcom Characters Whose Singing Stole the Show

Sitcom Characters Whose Singing Stole the Show

Fans of classic sitcoms suffered the passing of one of the most memorable characters in the genre, as Mike Minor died on January 28, 2016. The actor, most widely-known for playing Steve Elliot on “Petticoat Junction,” was 75 years of age.

The role on the show, which was a spin off of both “The Beverly Hillbillies” and “Green Acres, cast Elliot as a crop dusting farmer who flew his very own plane. He also became romantically involved with two of the three Bradley sisters at the Shady Rest Hotel, starting with Billie Jo (played by Meredith MacRae) and ending with a marriage to Billie Jo (played by Linda Kaye Henning).

In addition to the aviation and romantic prowess, Minor’s character also showed himself to be an excellent singer. His voice resembled that of Frank Sinatra, so his singing served as a highlight on numerous episodes.

In remembrance of the actor who played Steve Elliot, here is a list of other “Minor” sitcom characters who proved to be vocally gifted on their shows.

Gomer Pyle from “The Andy Griffith Show”

Jim Nabors portrayed this simple minded garage mechanic who, much to Barney Fife’s disappointment, won the job of singing the solo for the Mayberry church choir. Nabors was so lovable in the role that he even went on to have his own sitcom, “Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.”

Andy Bernard from “The Office”

He lost out on office blonde Angela and later on red headed secretary Erin, but by the show’s last season he became their boss. The most surprising of his talents, though, was his singing ability. The voice and character belonged to actor Ed Helms, who went on to star in “The Hangover” films.

Apu from “The Simpsons”

Homer and several of his pals overcame their mid life crisis by forming a covers band in the episode titled “Covercraft” after the name of the band. Holding auditions for a singer, the group was skeptical when Apu of the Kwik-E Mart showed up. The unlikely candidate, however, went on to earn the role of lead singer.

Barney Rubble from “The Flintstones”

He could only sing while in the bathtub, a limitation that the ingenious Fred managed to overcome. He placed Barney in a tub when they took the stage, earning the cash from being selected as the group representing the Soft Soap company in their ads.

Potsie Webber from “Happy Days”

The most likely candidate for lead singer when Richie Cunningham (played by Ron Howard) and Ralph Malph (played by Donnie Most) would have been Fonzie (played by Henry Winkler), who was the epitome of cool. The most gifted character vocally, however, turned out to be the gullible Potsie (played by Anson Williams).

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What Makes Horror Movies Silly?

What Makes Horror Movies Silly?

Having always been a great fan of horror movies, I have to say that along with all the many thousands that I have enjoyed immensely, there have unfortunately been the occasional bad ones. You know the kind I am talking about: the ones where you think, how on earth did THIS ever get made?

Let me expand on this. Some horror movies are just plain silly. People do the most ridiculous things in them. Their actions are so unrealistic, so stupid – and so downright annoying – that you just feel like reaching for the OFF switch on your TV, or, worse, picking something up and hurling it at the screen in utter anger, as you feel cheated rather than entertained. Oh you stupid clot, you think, as you watch yet another far-fetched scene where a character – usually a teen – behaves in a fashion in which they just wouldn’t in real life.

Let me give you a few examples of such silly horror tropes. Picture the scene: a screaming teenage girl is fleeing from a house in which she has just witnessed the bloody slaughter of her boyfriend. As she stumbles outside the path, she spots a car parked nearby. So what does she do? Yes, you’ve guessed it: she dashes to the car, yanks open the door and slips in to proceed to fumble with the ignition, in a desperate attempt to start up the engine before the murderous maniac can catch up with her. Amazing, isn’t it, how you can suddenly regain some calmness of nerve, despite the fact that you have a crazed killer breathing down your neck. Oh Lord, give me strength! In real life, you would be in such a hysterical state, and you’d be shaking so uncontrollably, that you would just run and run and run, as if the very Devil himself were after you. Fact. It wouldn’t matter one iota whether a car was conveniently parked there or not; your main concern would be, rather than waste time fiddling around with a car that just won’t start, to put as much distance as possible between yourself and your pursuer.

Another most annoying horror trope is when somebody – be it a well-meaning villager or an expert in the supernatural (e.g. Van Helsing in Dracula) – warns you not to go anywhere near the old house in the woods or the creepy castle on the hill. Yet despite all these warnings, what do you do? Well, you only say up yours to the warner and venture up to this apparently shunned place, as casually as if you were taking in a harmless tourist attraction. Fool! You ask for everything you get. Really, I have lost count of all the times I have cringed in disbelief as I’ve watched yet another group of travellers enter the dysfunctional family’s shack or the vampire’s lair.

Then there is the trope of the reckless person who steps near the fallen body of the apparently killed maniac, just to retrieve something from his pocket, be it a key or a gun. You know that the slumped form is going to suddenly awake and shoot out a hand to grab the ankle of the protagonist before they have even stooped down to the body. Why on earth do they have to linger, especially in such close proximity to the body? Why don’t they just make their escape while they’ve got the chance? You know, I have to laugh to myself sometimes at how utterly ridiculous some of these horror movie scenarios are, and this is certainly one of them.

Finally, I must end by citing an example involving Dracula. Now don’t get me wrong. I love Dracula like anything, and regard him as one of my all time favourite movie monsters. But I have to say that even Bram Stoker’s immortal creation hasn’t always escaped being ridiculed by the curse of the silly horror trope. For example, when Dracula’s prisoner – usually Jonathan Harker – enters the vampire lord’s crypt and sees a couple of stone coffins, one of which contains Dracula and the others his brides, why doesn’t he use his common sense and stake Dracula first? After all, he, Dracula, is the one responsible for all the horror, so you would naturally expect our hero to get the main villain out of the way first. But no, he does not; instead, he calmly bypasses Dracula’s sarcophagus and chooses to stake the lesser vampires first. Big mistake. Because while he’s wasting precious time dispatching the other sleeping vampires, the sun is going down, Dracula’s eyes snap open, and… well, you know the rest. And have you noticed that it’s always near sundown – the time when you’re rendering yourself most vulnerable to a bloodsucker’s imminent rise from the grave – when hunters decide to track down vampires, when they’ve got all damn day to do it. Honestly!

Silly horror tropes can really irritate you. On the other hand, my word, don’t we have such fun pointing them out!

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Making a Murderer, Anonymous and Trial by Social Media

Making a Murderer, Anonymous and Trial by Social Media

The online audience is a powerful entity. We are now fairly accustomed to getting what we want. Companies ask for our input in creating the products we would like to see. We can customise our own t-shirts and mugs. We made a Veronica Mars movie happen, we revived Arrested Development, we bought a chunk of the Abel Tasman. Activism is literally at our fingertips. When we hashtag, it trends. When we speak, the decision-makers listen.

Now we would like to determine guilt and innocence.

A well informed public is not a bad thing. A politically active, vocal population is not a bad thing. Mob justice is a bad thing.

Netflix hit docu-soap Making a Murderer aims to point up corruption in the judicial system. It exposes systemic failures caused by human error and prejudice. It reminds us that the law is fallible when corruption is allowed to flourish. The problem here is that the public reaction was a desire to circumvent ‘the process’ altogether, exoneration by petition. We can’t determine guilt or innocence via public opinion, especially when we’re getting our information through a skewed source.

And in the age of and KONY2012, we’re not content to simply discuss the case as entertainment. This is happening right now, and we’re accustomed to being able to exert some authority over our on-screen narratives. We want our new favourite show to end in a way we’ll enjoy. And so we unite for action, bring power to the people.

In January 2016, a petition calling for a presidential pardon for Steven Avery and his nephew, Brendan Dassey, reached the required 100,000 signatures. Although it seems the pardon isn’t applicable in this case, it demonstrates the strength of our collective conviction that it’s our role to circumvent the legal process.

Carried away on a wave of righteous indignation, we use our keyboards to seek a raw form of justice. We don’t want the slow gears of appeals and motions, we want to cut through the red tape and bring down the guilty.

The problem is, no person, or unregulated group of people, gets to be judge, jury and executioner. We have these complex institutions for a reason; accountability. Within each branch of our legal systems, there are safeguards, scrutiny, paperwork, reviews. There are processes in place to prevent abuses like those that have occurred in the Avery/Dassey case, so that these things are aberrant and only happen when there is a large-scale collusion. There are also processes to correct and punish when miscarriages do occur.

But all that moves too slowly to soothe our moral outrage. This is the same corner-cutting mentality makes online crusades like Anonymous problematic. In collective structures like Anonymous, there is no editor, no fact checker, no safeguards. It’s a beautiful idea; true transparency, freedom of information, abolishing bureaucracy. Except that people are emotional and trigger-happy, and when we start seeing ourselves as Batman, problems arise. Here’s some examples:

Steubenville, January, 2013. After the rape of a high school girl, an Anonymous subsidiary, LocalLeaks, releases damning footage of a former Steubenville High student joking about the rape. However, they also release false information about the case and the rape victim’s name. The anon at the head of the operation shrugs it off as full disclosure.

The treatment of Jon Belmar, Chief of the St. Louis Police Department, in the wake of the Ferguson shooting. Twitter account TheAnonMessage ‘doxxes’ Belmar, tweeting contact details and photographs of his family to an enraged public when he declines to name the shooter.

Shortly afterwards, self-appointed social media investigators release their conclusions that Michael Brown’s shooter was a man named Bryan Willman. Willman is in fact a dispatcher from another state. His photo and personal details (some inaccurate) are circulated online by Anonymous. Willman’s social media accounts are flooded with so many threats that he shuts them down. He stays in his house for six days, on ‘lockdown’.

There’s also the infamous overzealous misidentification of Boston bombing suspects, and the young Australian man who was falsely identified online as a bomber in an attack in Bangkok last year. These are some of the largest scale instances of false information and irresponsible vigilantism, but there are plenty more.

And these were attempts at justice, however misguided. Similarly passionate demands for justice have been provoked by Making a Murderer. The Yelp page of Ken Kratz’s law firm has been effectively wiped clean after a torrent of abuse from disgusted viewers. Massive online communities like Reddit have fostered rumours and speculation about the identity of Teresa Halbach’s killer, rumours which will likely dog Bobby Dassey, Scott Tadych, Ryan Hillegas and Mike Halbach indefinitely. In a more extreme reaction, a bomb threat was called in at the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Department on February 3rd in the name of “getting justice” for Steven Avery (1). And there were even rumours that Anonymous themselves were taking up Avery’s cause.

It can be easy to forget that in documentary film-making, our perceptions are always being manipulated. Documentary can even be more dangerous than other media, because it presents itself as impartial fact, when in fact it is filmed, edited, scored and structured to make us see and feel a certain way. Making a Murderer has an agenda, however well-intentioned, and tells a distinctly one-sided story. It certainly exposes questionable police conduct and is often shocking and frustrating, but there is plenty that the series omits. Avery’s new lawyer Kathleen Zellner has clearly recognised the power of the masses, and has been extremely active with publishing new information about the case via Twitter with the hashtag ‘#makingamurderer’. But is Twitter really the place to look for justice? Haven’t we seen enough damage done by these online witchhunts? Calls for greater scrutiny and fairness in government are always valid, but we are spectators and it isn’t our job to interpret evidence or to allocate blame.

According to James Surowiecki, the very nature of the ‘network’ (ie online communities and social media) creates a risk of groupthink. “Collective intelligence… requires a form of independent thinking. And networks make it harder for people to do that, because they drive attention to the things that the network values… once an idea gets going, it is very easy for people to just sort of pile on, because other people have, say, a link. People have linked to it, and so other people in turn link to it, etc., etc. And that phenomenon of piling on the existing links is one that is characteristic of the blogosphere, particularly of the political blogosphere” (2).

While freedom of speech is essential to democracy, the problem with the internet is that anybody can use a highly visible platform to say whatever they want, enjoying ease and anonymity, not being filtered or fact-checked before they are published, and with no guarantee of being held accountable for their words. Like most other things, the criminal justice system doesn’t work when it is abused. And, like Avery says, poor people lose all the time. But that is the result of a larger, societal issue, not restricted to this branch of government. And it doesn’t mean that trial by social media is a preferable alternative. The internet is an environment that proves the power and danger of ideas, of names. And an accusation as weighty as murder, or shooting an unarmed man, or planting a bomb in public space, demands methodical examination, compelling evidence and liability.

A passion for justice is admirable, but justice by nature needs to be dispassionate and impartial. There must be an objective, complex system in place. Or else, amidst all the shouting, finger-pointing and righteous indignation, we will commit the very injustices we want to prevent.

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Family Movies

Family Movies

Who doesn’t love sitting down on the weekend, gathering the family together and watching a nice fun family movie – all for free online. It is possible to watch free movies and TV shows online for free, thanks to free movie streaming websites.

There are some very nice family movies available to watch online for free including

Lucky Dog – This movie was made in 2014 and runs for 1 hour and 28 minutes. Lucky Dog is just a wonderful movie that is suitable for your whole family. Lucky is owned by Travis (who is played by Bryce Johnson – from *Pretty Little Liars*) – he is a divorced father of two who is completely dedicated to his children, his job as an architect and to most of all his dog and best friend Lucky (who is voiced by actor David Deluise).

Everything is running smoothly until Travis starts dating Amber – a fellow architect (played by Boti Bliss from *CSI: Miami*). Lucky usually chases away all the women Travis dates but this time Lucky is in love too – with Amber’s dog – Amy (who is voiced by Cat Deely). Lucky decides he likes how things are but trouble brews when Travis and Amber compete against each other in a design contest and Amber starts falling for a wealthy client. Can Lucky save the day and get everyone under the one roof?

Angel Dog – This movie was made in 2011 and runs for one hour 30 minutes, starring John Michael Davis, Farah White and Richard Dillard. Angel Dog is a heartwarming story about a dog named Cooper who is the sole survivor of a terrible accident, Jake who lost his wife and children in the accident is NOT a dog person and he resents Cooper for surviving an accident that took his family. Eventually Jake bonds with Cooper and it’s through this bond he finds the willpower to get up of a morning and to move forwards from his tragic loss.

Abner – The Invisible Dog – This movie was released in 2013 runs for 1 hour 30 minutes and stars David DeLuise, David Chokachi and Daniel Zykov. In this fun family movie we find it’s Chad Sheppard’s birthday and is he in for a big surprise – not something he was expecting at all… his big furry sheepdog Abner can not only talk – he can vanish into thin air as well. Unfortunately Chad has enough problems to deal with including fighting off two bullies who want to ruin his chances with the girl next door. Home alone Chad and Abner have to fight off the bad guys, get the girl AND save the day.

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Action Movies

Action Movies

Action movies can really get your heart pumping and to be able to watch free action movies online is great. Imagine being able to sit at home and watch free movies when you want any time of the day or night and without any lock-in contracts and without a cent to spend! It is possible. Some of the great b-grade action movies you can watch for free online are –

Almighty Thor – This movie is an action packed fantasy-adventure film that was released in 2011 and is a *mockbuster* that was made at the time to coincide with the release of the Marvel Studios film THOR. Only our young hero Thor (played by Cody Deal) can save the city of Valhalla destroyed by the demon god Loki (Played by Richard Grieco). Loki has stolen the hammer of invincibility and when Thor’s older brother and father are killed trying to retrieve the hammer Thor and Jarnsaxa (Played by Patricia Velasquez) – who has to train young Thor to fight Loki, embark on a journey to collect a sword and shield so he can face Loki in one final battle. When it looks like Thor is to be defeated he must rise up, save the city and reclaim the hammer of invincibility from Loki once and for all.

2012 Ice Age – Is a classic b-grade disaster-action movie revolving around a range of volcanoes that have erupted which has caused a 200 mile long ice shelf to break apart. This rogue glacier is now travelling at high speed and heading towards the east coast of North America bringing with it giant hail and snow. The Air Force attempts to break it apart but to no avail. The story also centers on Bill (played by Patrick Labyorteaux) and his family and how they survive the impending doom. The Glacier destroys Boston Massachusetts and is now headed to New York and the Statue of Liberty – can it be stopped in time?

Air Collision – This plane disaster movie was released in 2012 and stars Reginald VelJohnson, Jordan Ladd and Gerald Webb. Following a major electromagnetic storm communications worldwide are crippled and the new Airborne Collision Avoidance System (ACAT) air traffic control system is struck and falling to earth. All traffic on the east coast of America is now in danger as it was participating in the pilot project with the new ACAT system. Two planes are now on a collision course – one is a commercial passenger plane, the other is Air Force One.

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